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570 Hillside Avenue
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Needham Community Council Logo

570 Hillside Avenue
Needham, MA 02494


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Open Positions

Join our team of people making Needham a great place to both live and work.

Contractor Position: New Program Exploration

The Needham Community Council (NCC) is seeking to significantly expand its portfolio of programs which provide services to the Needham community. A contractor/freelancer is being sought who will spend 3-4 months specifically exploring the viability of a potential new program to assist Needham informal caregivers (e.g., children, partners, friends and other relatives) of older persons with dementia and other chronic disabling conditions. There are an estimated 1500 such caregivers in Needham. It is well-recognized that informal caregivers experience significant emotional, physical, psychosocial and financial burdens in caring for cognitively and physically impaired older persons. Various categories of interventions intended to assist informal caregiver exist. Types of interventions that may be appropriate for the NCC include, but are not limited to, educational and training programs to empower/support caregivers or programs that offer respite opportunities for the caregiver.


1. Quantitative and Qualitative Research: identify critical research questions in collaboration with project, design research plans to answer those questions, gather and analyze quantitative and qualitative data, and summarize key findings and surface strategic and programmatic implications.

2. Strategy and Deliverable Development: Consultant to contribute to client discussions; participate in the development of strategic and programmatic priorities and financial/operational implications; and create recommendations that include detailed program description; a detailed exploration of costs/budget; and a high level implementation plan and timeline.
Relevant work experience and education:

• Several years of work (ideally in a nonprofit organization, a consulting firm, and/or in a strategic or finance function).
• Project management skills: a keen attention to detail, competency in “managing up,” and the ability to ensure that work is completed accurately, efficiently, and on time.
• Research and analysis skills: A fluency in analyzing and making meaning from quantitative and qualitative data.
• Financial analysis skills: Comprehensive knowledge of metrics, and the ability to develop strategic and operational implications from them.
• Strategic thinking skills: The ability to integrate mission and vision, findings from research and analysis, organizational context, and key stakeholder views to guide client decision-making.
• Communication and interpersonal skills: The abilities to present information, including quantitative data, to a variety of audiences; write compelling, logically, and without errors; and develop strong relationships and engender trust in clients, partners, and teammates.
• Understanding of how the ideas of equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice intersect with nonprofit management/philanthropy, and/or experience approaching strategic/management topics through a racial equity lens.
• Experience managing projects in a consulting or client-service environment
• Significant exposure to nonprofit finance; experience using audience and/or donor data
• Previous experience in health care, or specifically related dementia care program development would be an asset.

Our Mission
The Needham Community Council is a private, nonprofit organization that supports people in Needham who have private, nonprofit organization that supports people in Needham who have under-met health, educational, or social needs, and promotes volunteerism, community, and a sense of shared responsibility. under-met health, educational, or social needs, and promotes volunteerism, community, and a sense of shared responsibility.

Expressions of interest and resumes may be sent by emailing

Board of Directors Postion

Needham Community Council Board of Directors is seeking new Board members to serve 3-year terms ensuring that the organization does the best work possible in the service of its mission to support people in Needham who have under-met health, educational or social needs; and promote volunteerism, community and a sense of shared responsibility.

Responsibilities include:

  • Representing the Needham Community Council by sharing the organization’s work and values with the community including supporting the Council’s goals to:
    • attract and maintain a strong volunteer base,
    • attract donors
    • increase community participation in the various programs:
      • ELL tutoring
      • Medical transportation
      • Medical equipment loan program
      • Food pantry
      • Thrift shop
      • Child Assault Prevention
      • Tech & Tutors
  • Contributing to the Council’s long-term planning and participating in shaping the vision and work of the organization.
  • Regularly attending and participating in monthly Board Meetings, committee meetings, and key events.
  • Making a personal financial contribution to each annual campaign at a level that is personally meaningful and informing friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues who might support the Council financially, as volunteers and in utilization of its services.
  • Contributing skills and expertise by serving on one or more committees or projects.


Expressions of interest and resumes may be sent to the attention of the Leadership Committee by emailing