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For existing users that are enrolled in the Tech & Tutor program.

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Needham residents without access to technology are encouraged to apply.


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Learn more about how you can help the program as a tutor or with a gift. 

This program is made possible by a grant from the Metro West Health Foundation
and is a partnership with Needham Community Council and Needham Center at the Heights/Council on Aging

Current Users


Info for Current Users

Navigating Your New Tablet Guide

Just getting started using your Tablet?  Your Tablet is set up with all new Account ID’s and passwords.  If you do not remember or have misplaced your account and password, please contact the Tech & Tutors phone line at:  781-444-2415 ext, 2120.

The basics of getting started can be found in our Tablet Basics document:  Tablet BASICS

This document will show you how to turn your Tablet on and navigate getting on your wifi and logging in to your Tablet.

How to Use Your Email

Accessing your email is a great way to communicate with loved ones, businesses and much more!  You should have received your email address and password when you got your Tablet.  Instructions on how to access, write and receive email can be found here:  Email BASICS

How to Zoom with Your Tablet

Using Zoom has become an essential part of staying connected to our families, doctors and much more.  Instructions on how to access Zoom:  Zoom BASICS

How Do I Get Help With My Tablet?

There are many workshops and classes available for you to get one-on-one time with one of our tutors.  See the schedule below.

Give us Feedback

How is your Tablet Experience going?

If you have received a tablet from us, we would love your feedback on how and how often you use your tablet.  We may be calling you for feedback or you can complete the survey at this link:  Fire Tablet Feedback

Classes and Workshops

There are many opportunities to learn more about your Tablet.
Participants can attend group sessions at the Center at the Heights, or
make arrangements to work one on one with a volunteer tutor.
Please refer to the schedule below for class topics, dates and times. 
To reserve a seat in an upcoming class, please call the Center at the Heights at 781-455-7500.
or, Stacey Fallon at 781-444-2415, ext. 2120.

Tech & Tutors at the Center at the Heights

Join us for a series of one hour Fire Tablet lessons followed by a Q & A session at the Center at the Heights.   Each week there is a new topic that builds on the week before.  By the end of the 8 week series, you will have a better understanding on how to navigate your tablet and utilize its various features to stay in touch with friends, family and your Needham community.

Please check out our most up to date schedules:

Tuesdays at 2pm – Center at the Heights Workshops


Drop In Support

Do you have 1 or maybe a few tech questions that you would like some help with*?  Please feel free to drop in during our Tech & Tutor Drop-In times listed below:

  • Mondays, 11 am – 1 pm
    Needham Community Council, 570 Hillside Ave
  • Thursdays, 11 am – 1 pm, 20 minute appointments available
    Center at the Heights, 300 Hillside Ave in Needham
    Please call The Center at the Heights to reserve 
    a 20 Minute Appointment at 781-455-7555

* We are not Google or Apple support.  We are Needham neighbors with experience in the fields of technology and/or education with an interest in sharing our knowledge so that those without access to or familiarity with technology do not fall into the “digital divide”.

Fire Tablet Workshop Handouts

on Our classes are interactive and we have found that attendees love a handout!  So we try to create documentation that corresponds to our lesson and have links to those we have created so far.   Please click on any of the links below to check out what we’re learning!

Introduction to your Fire Tablet

Using Zoom 

Using File Manager

 Tablet Apps Class

Fire Tablet Symbols Cheat Sheet – What does this mean???

Using your Fire Tablet’s Email App

Using the Fire Tablet’s Camera

Using Alexa

Scanning Documents with the Fire Tablet

Using Bluetooth on the Fire Tablet


Other Resources

Quick Reference Tips

The Tech & Tutors team will continue to create quick reference guides to help with some of our most commonly asked questions.  To open a guide, just click on its link below:

How to Turn Your Tablet On

How to Connect to WIFI

How to Change Tablet Brightness

How to Change Your Gmail Password

How to Change Your Amazon Password

How to Turn Your Tablet Off

Using Hoopla to Access E-Books, Audiobooks and more….

Amazon Fire Help Page

To get help troubleshooting common issues with Fire Tablets you can access Amazon’s help page by clicking here:  Fire Tablet Help

What's the Hoopla About?

What is all the Hoopla about?!  Our tablet users can tell you that the Hoopla App can get you all the great digital media you get from the public library for free at HOME! You can borrow movies, ebooks, audiobooks, popular TV shows and more.  Try the Hoopla app and have fun exploring the library from your own armchair!!

Check it out here:  HOOPLA
Quick Reference Videos

The Tablets and Tutors team will continue to produce quick reference videos to help you to manage your tablet in a visual way.  If you have recommendations for video tips, please email

Adding Email Account to Tablet


New Users

New Customer Icon

General Information

Who is Eligible to Get a Tablet?

Any resident of Needham who does not have access to technology is encouraged to apply.  Thanks to a grant from the Metrowest Health Foundation, Tablets are provided free of charge.

How to Request One?

To join the Tablets and Tutors Program program, begin by completing an Tablet Request and Pre-Assessment Form:  Tablet Request Form

A staff member will be in touch with you about your Tablet needs and interests.

How Do I Learn How to Use It?

Your Tablet will be customized to make it easy to use right out of the box.  A tutor will introduce you to the Tablet and it’s features during an initial one-on-one session.

Do I Get to Keep the Tablet?

With the support of the Metrowest Health Foundation and your generous neighbors, we are able to provide these Tablets to Needham residents free of charge and you get to keep them.  We do ask that you sign a User Agreement.  You may see a copy of one here:  Use Agreement.

Do I Need WIFI? And, are there Affordable WIFI Options?

Yes, to use the Amazon Fire Tablet (or any other device that requires the internet) you need to have WIFI.  If you are not sure whether you have WIFI in your home or Apartment, call your cable TV provider, Comcast, Verizon, etc. and ask if WIFI is included in your service. 

If you do not have internet access you may qualify for Comcast Internet Essentials Program reduced access rate.  We can help initiate this process and will connect your tablet to your new wifi.   See the tab below for information on income eligible programs.

Comcast Internet Essentials:  Home Internet service for $9.95/month with no term contract, no cancellation fees.  For more information, click here:  COMCAST INTERNET ESSENTIALS

AT&T Access:  Internet service for $10/month with free installation, no annual contract and no deposit for eligile households.  For more information, click here:  AT&T ACCESS

Emergency Broadband Benefit:  A federal government program that provides a temporary benefit on home internet or wireless service for eligible households.  If you currently have WIFI service, your bill could be decreased by up to $50 per month.  See below a list of local providers:

Cleo Communications:  614-285-4869
Comcast Cable:  1-800-XFINITY
Cox Communications:  866-439-1289
Earthlink:  888-327-8454
GCET:  413775-6400
Hughes Network Systems:  844-737-2700
Otelco:  833-683-5261
RCN:  800-746-4726
T-Mobile:  1-800-937-8997
Verizon:  1-800-837-4966


Get Involved


Become a Tutor

We are currently seeking volunteers that would be interested in helping to support this program and it’s participants.

While some experience with technology is important, patience and gentle learning style is what our new learners are most in need of.

We will provide a Tablet and the basic training to help you support our new users.

If you are interested, please contact our Tablets and Tutors Program Director at


Give a Gift

The Tablets and Tutors Program is made possible with the support of our generous neighbors and the Metrowest Health Foundation.

Join your friends and neighbors by making a gift today and help make technology accessible to all!