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Info for Adults looking for volunteer opportunities.

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Info for students looking for volunteer opportunities.



Get the whole family involved in giving back.


Food Drives

How to plan a food drive to support our Food Pantry.

Adult Volunteers


Volunteer Opportunites

Current Volunteer Needs as of May 2022

Food Pantry Mobile Market Volunteers:

Help your Needham neighbors by bringing the grocery store to their door!
We are looking for a volunteer on Friday afternoons for just one hour to pickup food from the food pantry and distribute it with our partner the Needham Community Farm at a Needham housing authority site.
The volunteer must have their own form of transportation and volunteer from 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm on Fridays. Interested? Use the link below and select “Food Pantry” as your area of interest or call the office for more information.

Volunteer Application

Ride For Food 2022:

We are creating our Ride for Food team and ALL are welcome!  This year’s ride will have a 5K Walk or choose from two rides 25 mile or 50 mile.  Team events have been added to get us all excited and prepared for the the ride. 

Learn More

How Our Volunteers Help

For over 90 years the Council has been run by our family of volunteers.  Our team of over 100 volunteers keep our services going – we couldn’t do it without them!

Volunteers work in many areas of the Council including:

  • Thrift Store
  • Food Pantry
  • Data Entry
  • Office Support
  • Special Events
  • English Language Learning
  • Tablets & Tutors
  • Child Assault Prevention Program
What is Expected of Our Volunteers

People count on us and our services.

  • Our volunteers typically work once a week for a 2-3 hour shift.
  • We ask you to take responsibility for your committment to the Council seriously. We know things come up and ask for a days notice if you are unable to attend.
  • All volunteers will be asked to sign a confidentiality form.
  • Volunteers that work in the Food Pantry, ELL and Tablets and Tutors programs will be asked to sign CORI form.
  • Treat co-workers, clients and the members of the public fairly and without discrimination.
  • Respect the mission and goals of the Council.


Getting Started

Thanks for your interest in volunteering at the Needham Community Council.  We are lucky to be in a town where the residents care so much about their neighbors and helping others.  At this time, we are unable to accept or onboard new volunteers to work onsite.  Please feel free to reach out again at a later date.

We have started a list of those interested in helping out should we find ourselves in need of additional drivers that can assist in our deliveries of food to our clients that are unable to get out.  These deliveries happen on Tuesday Mornings between 10-11.  Please sign up here if you could help On Call Food Delivery People. You can also check our website to look at other ways to support our efforts. 

English Language Learning Tutor Program

Our ELL tutors do not need to know the language of their learner or have teaching experience.  They just need to be flexible, welcoming, and open to other cultures!

Tutors attend free training sessions in the spring or fall. They are then paired with a learner to meet [weekly] for 60-90 minutes to practice English conversation, reading and/or writing depending on student needs. Meetings can be virtual or at a location that is convenient.  (Zoom support is available)

For more about the ELL program and how you can apply to be a tutor: English Language Learning

Corporate or Large Group Vounteers

We are grateful for your organization’s desire to give back.  Space within our building is extremely limited therefore we ask for support off site.  Please contact us to learn more about these opportunites and to get started.

Some ideas to help your group get involved are:

  • Dedicated food drive
  • Clothing drive for Thrift Store inventory
  • Returnable can or bottle drive
  • Coin drive
  • Birthday bags
  • Always open to new ideas!

If any of these opportunities interest you please complete the following application and share your interest or ideas in the Notes field

Volunteer Interest Form



Student Volunteers

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Volunteer Opportunites

What You Need to Know

The Needham Community Council embraces the idea of students experiencing the importance of giving back.  They can also use this as an opportunity to complete their required community service volunteer hours.  Lots of our students continue with us even after the requirement is completed because the enjoyment and sense of community they get out of our volunteer experience!

  • We will not respond to parent requests – drop-ins or phone calls.
  • We will respond to your online request to set up an interview, but please be patient.
  • All communications must be from the student directly.
  • We expect all volunteers to act in a professional, responsible manner.
  • Students must be willing to commit to a minimum of 2 hours a week for 4 months
High School Students

We offer volunteer opportunities to high school students.  In addition to completing their school community service requirements, our young volunteers learn the value of being a part of a community of “People Helping People”

Requests from parents, family members, teachers will not be accepted.  We feel strongly that part of the growth from a volunteer experience is a student taking on the responsibility in an independent and mature fashion.

We typically do not have students work in the Food Pantry due to confidentiality.

Preference is given to Needham residents.

More details about volunteering:  High School Volunteer Info

Middle School Students

As we are reopening and adapting our programs after Covid, we are still limiting the number of volunteers in our building.  For this reason, we are unable to offer opportunties for our younger students.  

Student Kindness Project

The Student Kindness Project encourages our students to perform a simple act of kindness for a friend, neighbor or family member.

In order to receive community service credit students must complete a Kindness Log and write an impact Statement.

Program Details:  Student Kindness Project Info (PDF)

Family Volunteers

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Getting Your Family Involved

About Volunteering at the Council

We love to see families in Needham teaching the value of giving back to their community.  Due to safety and privacy issues, we are unable to have young children volunteering in our building.  We’ve collected a number of other ways to help families participate and learn the value of helping others.   We look forward to having you and your family be a part of our community of “People Helping People”

Cans for Calcium

The Cans for Calcium Program collects returnable bottles & cans and uses the proceeds to purchase all the milk for the Food Pantry.  Since the pandemic started he’s collected over $25,000 in returnables! Run by our volunteer, Jeff Dinneen, join his team of young people and families who help organize can drives in their neighborhood and help sorting and collecting the cans at the Needham Transfer Station.  Email the if you are interested in joining the team.

Can’t get to the Needham RTS when they are open?  Drop your collections 24/7 at Jeff’s home at 1625 Great Plain Ave (green barrels at the end of driveway).  

Family Food Pantry Fundraiser

Counting on You to Fight Hunger Activity

The Needham Public Schools lunch program partnered with us and printed a interactive Calendar on the back of all school menus.  Children from all over Needham counted their pennies to give back. 

Little hands make a big difference. Each day on the calendar has an easy and fun activity that your family can do together to be mindful of
hunger and help our Food Pantry.

 All you have to do is:

FIND: Find a bowl or storage container. Place it at your table to remind you of those who go without nutritious food each day.
COUNT: Every day, count something in your home according to the prompt on your calendar.
COLLECT: Put a coin in the bowl for each item counted.
DONATE: At the end of the month, donate the coins to the Needham Community Council’s Food Pantry, located at 570 Hillside Ave.



Private Fundraisers

The youth of Needham have amazing ideas, talents and heart!  Creating small private fundraisers that have big impact is a great way to give back and help kids enjoy building community.  We thank all the kids and families that have joined our team of “People Helping People” with some of these ideas:

  • making jewelry to sell to friends
  • collecting golf balls to resell to local golfers
  • selling healthy food to commuters at the train station
  • collecting spare change coins
  • making tie dye masks to sell locally

Use one of these ideas or create your own to help your kids make a difference!

Common Cents Collections

Please check back soon for details on a new way to help our kids learn about the importance of saving and giving back their resources.

Food Drives


How to Plan a Food Drive

Limited Food Drive Options

Please read the details below and complete a Food Drive Interest Form

We are only accepting food to the Food Pantry by way of  dedicated Food Drives.  If you or an organization would like to have a food drive, we will ask that the food be limited to the items we need most during that time.  These items are typically items we find it hard to purchase affordably.

Please check that food that is donated to your food drive has not expired!
We can not distribute food that is past it’s expiration date.

Items we are currently in need of:

Cooking Oil – any kind Coffee Tea (Individually wrapped)
Canned Peas & Corn Tuna Sugar & Flour
Ketchup Real Mayonnaise Household Cleaning Products
Protein Bars Granola Bars Laundry Detergent
Aluminum Foil Salad Dressing – Italian & Ranch Cereal

 (this list last updated 5/24/22)

Please begin by completing a Food Drive Interest Form.

We will contact you regarding drop off times and answer any of your questions